Even if you are health-conscious, it isn´t easy to know how fit your are - ONE SMARTDIET takes care of that for you since the small gadget measures your body fat percentage, among other things.

Body fat percentage at a glance

ONE SMARTDIET is likely the smallest device for measuring your body fat percentage. Its compact size and light weight of only 20 grams means it comfortably fits in any trouser pocket so you can also use it when you're on the go.The 4 contact electrodes measures your body fat in %, the mass of your body fat in kg, your muscle mass in kg,your BMI and calculates your metabolic rate in kcal and then displays it on your smartphone.You only need to enter all important data such as your gender, weight and height in the corresponding app for analysis. 

Portable thanks to the sleek design

The most important information

Easy to use

ONE SMARTDIET can be used any time, anywhere and by any one.


BLE connection

ONE SMARTDIET can quickly connect to your smartphone -Bluetooth 4.0



The accuracy of ONE SMARTDIET has been verified and compared to other medical devices. At 98,8% it is very high.



A mini-game, which is based on activity and promotes walking. The activity function on the ONE SMARTDIET APP is compatible with the Fitbit tracker.



ONE SMARTDIET determines your correct workout and food. It determines your metabolic type. There are 18 types for men and 36 for women..


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The App

You can download the  ONE SMARTDIET app from the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore. You can also download the app using the QR code on the packaging.

Start the app

You have to agree to the business terms when you start the app. ONE SMARTDIET supports Bluetooth 4.0(ble) so you don´t need a PIN code on your smartphone.  

Enter your data

Enter your name, gender, weight, height and your year of birth. Women must choose between apple (slim lower body) or pear (slim upper body).  

In the bottom part of the navigation, select the Measurement button and switch the  ONE SMARTDIET on. The test will illuminate in blue and the device will connect to your smartphone and your body composition will be measured.

What is provided

About our company

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